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Тесты: Латинский языкGases, Liquids and Solids Matthews

Contemporary Celtic Motifs (+ CD-ROM) Alex Sherman

Цена: 1868 p.
An invaluable resource for designers and crafters looking for designs and motifs that have their heart in the Celtic tradition but are new, fresh and original – also available on the CD inserted in the book. New twists on Celtic knotwork, tessellation and spiralwork are mixed with stunning figure work to create great designs, suitable for those working in wood, glass, textiles, embroidery and quilts, as well as general designers looking for ideas. All the motifs can be used by the reader for creative work. There are over 40 large-scale designs made up from a range of smaller composite motifs (most provided separately). In addition, there are hundreds of smaller motifs that can used in isolation or linked together to make large-scale designs. The author provides grids for those wanting to make large-scale designs from the smaller motifs.

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